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An Unlearning Racism Tool

A really helpful activity I often take people through whenever I facilitate my unlearning white supremacy workshops, is that of finding out and reflecting on ones own racial history.

It has now become a matter of urgency that we dissolve the emotional, epistemic and behavioural bondages that connect us to white supremacy. As overwhelming as that sounds, the first step really is cultivating coherent self awareness. A starting point of this cultivation to find out how your history has formed your current racial biases.

As a free resources, you can use this activity to help you find out and understand your own racial history. Think about your entire life time, from the day you were born till today. How old were you when you because aware of racism and race? Thinking about every single year in your life, think of the high points, the low points and the significant events that shaped your life. Consider how ofter you have encountered this issue of race and racism. What happened? Who were the people involved? What did you feel during that experience? How did those feelings and experiences influence your thinking and/or shift your behaviour?

Use the downloadable below to do this exercise. Good luck!

My Racial history
Download PDF • 318KB


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