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I am an activist poet, decolonial dialogue facilitator, published writer, narrative change worker. Learning 2 Unlearn is a digital archive for the work I do which is found at the intersection of big data analytics, pedagogical design and dialogical narrative led systems change. 



First published in 1958, Human Groups by W.J.H. Sprout deals with 'face-to-face' relationships. The grounding premise being that social interaction is basic to the existence of human groups.


Reading this and remembering that "the manner in which you approach, is more important than the who you think you're approaching."

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As the Director of Pedagogy for Culture Hack Labs, I help coordinate the Rhizome Fellowship program which seeks to teach people how to properly analyse power in order to craft cultural interventions that shift dominant, anthropocentric narratives. Rhizome is a twelve month fellowship program for narrative change practitioners focused on the transition to a post Anthropocentric world. The namesake of this program is an ode to the underground architecture of root-like structures which are interconnected, mutually reinforcing, heterogeneous, experimental and evolutionary.


From its nodes, Rhizomes send out roots and shoots growing new life.

We believe that we cannot create the deep systemic shifts that are required without narrative practitioners focused on disrupting the core assumptions of capitalist modernity and creating the conditions for new/ancient/emergent narratives that are life-centric. These practitioners will need the critical, technical and cultural skills that are commensurate with the meta-crisis.Sign up for the 2024 cohort waiting list below.

Rhizome Fellowship 2024

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