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The Work

Unlearning Work - Learning 2 Unlearn™


As the founder of Learning 2 Unlearn™, my primary focus is teaching people how to unlearn white supremacy and racism. I help leaders cultivate spiritual coherence so that they can walk their talkI do this through Unlearning  workshops, decolonial dialogues, speaking engagements and individual one-on-one consultations that help leaders understand their privilege and work towards becoming true allies in the workplace. My work is underpinned by an Unlearning Framework I've developed based on the heart, head, hand leadership praxis of accountability. Epistemic freedom is the call to action. Speaking and sharing knowledge that helps us decolonise our minds is the work.  

"How we think and how we can be made to think and behave is what is commercially valuable. Because if you can understand and control how we think and feel, you can control what we buy,
what we do and how we vote" 

Freedom to Think: The Long Struggle to Liberate Our Minds, Susie Alegre

Narrative Change Work 


Over the next two decades $84 trillion will change hands due to the Great Wealth Transfer. As such, shifting money for people and planet in the context of the polycrisis is both the burden and blessing for those who are stewards of colonial wealth. I am interested in how wealth will be moved to serve people and the planet.  This year, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation will host its third Next Frontiers Conference which I am co-curating with Vicki Purewal.

My Art Work


My name is Ashanti. I am named after Yaa Asantewaa of Ghana. She was the warrior queenmother who led the war of the golden stool and in Sanskrit Ashanti means restlessness. But my friends and family have always called me Shanti. In Sanskrit Shanti means peace and harmony. There is a duality in my spirit and sometimes there are things my words cannot express, so I paint them. I paint the shadows so that I may remain in the light. I paint to take care of my mental health and remain peaceful, even in the midst of chaos. My art, my paintings, my poetry... are invitations for spiritual self- exploration. They offer scenes of the divine feminine soul and the worlds that exist therein. For those with eyes, let them see. For those with ears, let them hear. For those who seek, let them find.

16onLerotholi Gallery

Creatively, I work collaboratively to support the artist narrative archive at 16 on Lerotholi. This 100% black owned gallery is a space that uses art as an essential tool to foster understanding, empathy and solidarity within the Langa community, in South Africa at large, within the African continent and beyond. Additionally, the space showcases the brilliant powerhouses of creativity that the continent gives rise to. My friends opened a fine art gallery which focuses exclusively on African art made by black African artists. Its a whole vibe! Take some time to check them out!

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