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Blacks in Art

Smack bang in the centre of the this colony we call Cape Town, lies the most amazing space of creative imaginative inspiration. 16 on Lerotholi is an art gallery in Langa - South Africa's oldest township. The gallery's royal blue walls, clean lines and the Angus Taylor sculptures beckon you, abeg take a second look and come inside! Come see the sophistication of blacks doing art! The need to unlearn art as something exclusive to the pale skinned and rich is a matter of urgency and the gallery's partnership with Everard Read is testament to this.

We have to democratise art and show that anyone, everyone should have access to art; art is vital for the human condition. art is vital to being human. Its a feeling, I don't know why but its vital. Art is all its forms is the expression of experiences that cannot otherwise be captured - Mpilo Ngcukana
The name Langa literally mean's sun but it is named after King Langalibalele - a Hlubi royal imprisoned in Cape Town after rebelling against what most African people throughout history rebel against - the racial box of Blackness and its perpetual state of victimhood. The grace of this sun place called Langa and the meaning of space in this gallery is awe inspiring, because africans telling their own stories through their own lens is a difficult but incredibly beautiful something.
Artistic expression is our social currency and so many artists and friends come from the hood - Shaun Williams
16 on Lerotholi is a space for African artists to showcase their work and be celebrated in the context in which it was created. 16 on Lerotholi is a celebration of the community of Langa, a celebration of African self love and self 'cav!

Go check out the gallery beloveds :)

With light and love to you, always!


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