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Divine Love: An everyday praxis

This year I gave a talk at Boom Festival about Divine Love. I've come full circle and was able to share a message I received about 2 years ago. A message of love my soul needed desperately. May these sacred spoken seeds be fruitful for you, dear reader. The incredible Chiara Baldini gave my introduction. Below you can read the message I carried to those in the audience.

Greetings Beloveds. Thank you all for making time to be here today. Please take a moment, take a breath to settle in and be fully present here with me now, for you know not how profoundly you are about to be blessed by the wombniverse.

That I am even sitting before you today is a big deal, and I will explain why in a minute but for now congratulations, you have all been chosen to receive this blessing by the divine feminine fire that moves me, leads me, guides me. And I say congratulations to you because you are officially the first group of people that get to receive sacred spoken seeds of divinity from me now that I have entered my jesus year and have finally accepted doing the work required for my spiritual anointing. So congratulations for being chosen.

The significance of the blessing will reveal itself to you depending on how well the soil of your soul has been prepared for this moment. Some of you will understand it immediately, some of you will understand it a few months from now, others a few years from now but my prayer is that the sacred spoken seeds of divinity I bring to you today find root in your spirit, and bear soul fruit for your life so that you may have your thirst quenched when there is no water and have your hunger satiated when there is no food.

*Pictures by Rui Felix, Boom Festival 2023

Message 1: Self Mastery is now a non-negotiable of human existence for the time ahead.

You are now alive in a time where you are no longer allowed to hurt others because you are hurting. Your trauma, your pain, no matter what it is or how it came to be, does not give you the right to mistreat other people, to be violent, to be disrespectful, to dehumanize others. As people, we are all broken, we all have our own shit to deal with. You cannot expect other people tolerate your violent energy just because you don’t know how to deal with life and the existential crisis we are all facing. You all need to take responsibility for yourselves and your emotions. Your pain is not my problem. My pain is not your problem. Being in pain does not justify hurting others. Your trauma does not give you an excuse to behave like a piece of shit. Be kind, be caring, be useful, and if you can’t just sit down. Deal with yourself. Figure out why you feel the way you feel before you engage with the world with violent energy because you are alive in a time where this behaviour is no longer acceptable. All of you chose to come here, your spirits all chose to have this human experience and it is important you figure out why and for you figure it out quickly. Not knowing your purpose on this earth is akin to not knowing who you are, and if you don’t know who you are you are more likely to transgress natural law. Non adherence to natural law leads to death. Divinity lives in harmony with nature. Divinity does not dishonour nature. Find your purpose and you will find out why you are divine.

This message of self - mastery is particularly directed towards those of you who are in leadership positions. If you are in charge of leading others, beware the path. At a karmic level, you are held to a higher standard of accountability than those who do not lead others. Walk your talk and if you cannot walk your talk just stop talking. You are creating more chaos in the world through your lack of coherence. And helping people cultivate leadership coherence is part of the consulting work that I do I know because walking your talk as a leader isn’t easy, that is why I believe leadership is something you must be called into. No one in their right mind, who properly understands the karmic consequences of leadership would choose this life. Because to lead is to be in sacred service to others. Servant leadership is leadership. This is the standard. If you didn’t know, now you know. You have to walk your talk because everytime you don’t, the universe takes note. It keeps track of every action, every thought, every feeling. The universe keeps track and you will be held to account for everything. Like it don’t like it, I’m not here to argue with you, I’m simply here to tell you. Mother Nature, she’s keeping score. You cannot lead others if you can’t lead yourself and it is disrespectful to the divinity in all of us to think that any of us can be a leader without doing the work. Ngesizulu bathi ziqoqe, pull yourself towards yourself because nobody is responsible for yourself except yourself. Nobody cares, we are all facing the same existential threat, get your shit together so you can be useful otherwise find a corner and sit the fuck down. The times are too urgent, the issues too pressing. Your feelings are semantic issues compared to the generational task at hand. Find courage and figure it out.

Being alive requires courage. Cowardice leads to death. I know this deeply because suicide is something I deal with daily. My father showed me that this can be an option and every day is decision to live my life boldly unapologetically and filled with magic because the alternative is what? Pain and suffering is not your birth right, your birth right is abundance, peace, love, bliss. These are the blessings you were guaranteed by the ancient one as rewarding for choosing to come here and have a human experience. Your spirit showed courage when you chose to come here. Find that courage again beloveds, because the alternative is suffering and untimely death. Your spirit will keep dying until you complete your mission.

Message 2: Be brave enough to love yourself and those around you.

Which leads to the second part of the message I have for you today. We are in the midst of a massive spiritual war. The forces of darkness are laser focused, highly organised, abundantly financed and operationally effective. You know the song, “there ain't no rest for the wicked, money don’t grow on trees.” The forces of darkness are busy, busy bees.

The forces of light are at boom (as we should be). But we Having na enjoyment. Escaping reality. Not really loving each other. We talk one love but we don’t walk it. We’re Leaving room for the dementors of this world to do more damage because we don’t want to deal. Not really. We are much more ready to seek external stimuli to reach internal peace, to feel loved and I have been sent here to remind us all that everything we are seeking is already within us. We don’t need the armour we think will protect us, the weapons we think will make us peaceful, the fear that we think will make us feel loved.

I pray that we find the faith to believe that we are so loved, so incredibly loved by the universe that yes, even though we are now being asked to put down our weapons and take off our armor in the midst of war. Just Be still. Be still and Know that I am god. Know that I love you enough to protect you so you can let go of your fear. Put it down. Take it off. Turn around. Face death. And there you will find unconditional love. There you will find that which you seek.

You cannot love if you are constantly wielding weapons of mistrust in anticipation of the worst being done to you.

So you are asked to reflect on What is your emotional, mental and spiritual starting point in daily life? Is it fear of love? You are cautioned to make sure you’re starting from love and to do so with the quickness because there is no more room for error. For mistakes, for ignorance. There is no more room and there is no more time, there is a shift happening in the cosmic consciousness, you all can feel it happening (pluto moved into aquarius and I am an aquarian so as far as I’m concerned you’ve all entered into the age of Ashanti)

And you know how it is always darkest before dawn? It is always darkest before the dawn, shit always seems to get worse just before they get better. As a people, as a species, we are undergoing a collective dark night of the soul… We have come to a very dark crossroads where we have to decide, not who we want to be because we are all sacred drops of divinity made manifest in blood and flesh, that is who we are, that is not a question. Your understanding of yourself as divine does not change that you are divine,in the same way you don’t have to believe that the sun exists for it to rise and set each day and give radiant life energy to everything on earth. You don’t have to believe in the sun, it just is. The same way you don’t have to believe you’re divine, you just are.

What we must come to decide at this dark crossroads is how we are, how we want to be on this earth. How do we express our divinity? What is our divine expression moving forward? Times of war and chaos and great change are already upon us and we all need to know how to be peaceful during chaos.

We no longer have the luxury of time to take the scenic route to enlightenment, higher states of consciousness and spiritual alignment with ones divine purpose. All that you need is within, go there, start there, end there. It is all there within you. That is the straight line between A and B, the breath of life within you, is your speed dial to divine power and peace.

If we take any other route, know that we are taking the scenic route to divinity which is more fun, but takes longer and is now deemed irresponsible behaviour. Free will allows you to choose. Times are changing and many will perish. So let us Be not those who will be caught unprepared. Let us Make sure we all have extra oil for our lamps. Learn how to be at peace with the fire that burns within you. It is the I Am sacred divinity within you. It is creative force of the universe. It is life and where you find life, you find all that is divine. All the peace and love and joy and bliss you seek is already within you. So find out what you need for you to be able to be still and know that you are god.

Morality, good and bad, these things are fluid. But natural law is not. Natural law is absolute and does not choose. You choose. You are that which you are. Energy attracts its like. An internally chaotic, violent and hateful person will experience these things physically. A person like this cannot expect to experience peace, love, bliss, joy etc. Its just not possible, so lovingly, kindly, slowly, intentionally reassess, reflect on your waking starting points.

Everyday, reassess. How are you behaving? How are you thinking?How are you feeling? Are these things coherent with who you are, divinity made manifest? Reflect on your divine nature, get into the habit of expecting goodness, love and magic in your life. You are all the chosen ones.

Be blessed beloveds.

Allow the sacred spoken seeds that are brought here today to grow and flourish within you.

With light,



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