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Nasty Women Talk Back

"In an unprecedented US election, Donald J Trump was elected the 45th US President. Undeniably, it was the voting decisions of white women that helped get him into office, despite Trumps well-documented history of sexism and misogyny . "

A collection of Feminist essays on the global women's marches, edited by Prof. Amanda Gouws and Joy Watson, published by Imbali Academic Press. In this book, Ashanti contributed a chapter called Don't Forget White Women Voted For Trump.

Watch the authors Joy Watson, Rebecca Davis, Ashanti Kunene and Amanda Gouws talk about their book "Nasty Women Talk Back" as part of the Open Book Festival. In the video below, With the assistance of Prof Thuli Madonsela the authors delve into their ideas of what a nasty woman is and their feminist ideologies.

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